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The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

It is vital to note the types of garage doors we work with for your convenience. As there are many types of garage doors, we specialize in steel garage doors. As a result, we focus only on clients who have a steel garage door and problems pertaining to that. Fortunately, we have experience with Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton garage doors, so steel garage doors from those brands should suffice.

Naturally, our specialty allows us to perfect our technique on the aforementioned garage doors. Like in many aspects of life, specialization allows us to give you better service than other general garage door companies. Just the same, Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton all offer excellent steel doors and parts. Utilizing some garage door parts such as an garage door opener or the whole garage door itself is fine by us. High-quality brands provide you the high-quality experience you deserve!

There are many different types of steel garage doors, so it isn’t as limiting as one might think. Different colors, different brands, and it’s also the most popular type of garage door in America! So, if you have a steel garage door and need assistance in any manner, Wheaton Garage Door Repair is the company for you!

What is Garage Door Insulation?

Insulation is all about minimizing heat loss within your garage, as different garage doors have different efficiency regarding how well they insulate. Garage door insulation is essential for maintaining an ideal temperature within your garage. An uninsulated garage door offers no benefits than an insulated garage door, as you get less home value, less temperature control, and a less quiet room. If you want an insulated garage door, check out its R-value (how it lowers the transmission of heat). Higher R-values are better if you don’t desire outside temperature influencing your garage.

Styles of Garage Doors

Specific trends in 2020, such as the carriage garage door look great for any home, bringing back an excellent throwback to simpler times. Perhaps you prefer traditional garage doors, but wish to have a new, contemporary steel garage door with windows. A garage door with windows is notably different from garage doors without windows.

Do you prefer privacy (no windows) or enjoy the occasional sunlight basking through (windows)? Decorations are easy to do once you find the right style for your garage door. Whatever the case might be, Wheaton Garage Door Repair is willing to help you install the parts when you’re satisfied with your garage door style.

What does a Garage Door Installation Include?

Our garage door installation includes new garage door tracks, a new garage spring system, new cables, and new rollers. New parts are preferred over used parts for your safety. No new opener is included as that is sold separately. Also, we remove the old door and adequately dispose of it as required. We test each part and check to see if it works with your new garage door (not to give you something broken on day one). When everything works as intended, our garage door installation service is finished. As every part is crucial to the functionality of your garage, we take this service very seriously.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your garage is one aspect many homeowners should do to preserve the value of their homes. Outside of economic benefits, maintaining your garage door can help prevent future accidents from occurring. If you do a quick visual inspection, you may notice something odd regarding a critical mechanism. If you open or close the door and there’s a strange sound, perhaps you need to hire a professional to install new parts.

Of course, there are some elements within your control that you can choose to do alone. Door lubrication is something best handled by you (also incredibly cost-efficient to handle), which is something you should do if you care about your garage. If you’re ever unsure about what you should do, always consult an instruction manual or watch a video if it’s within your skill range. One of the best ways to care about your garage door is by identifying any problems you might have.

Visual Inspection

Sometimes a quick visual inspection is all you need for home maintenance. You can spot if there’s something off on your springs, maybe the material is falling off, or perhaps it’s making a strange sound when used. Look around and check your tracks, cables, rollers, pulleys, panels, and the opener to correctly work when you do your visual inspection.

Door Lubrication

After your garage door is installed, it’s important to lubricate it from time to time for safety. If we’re installing it for you, you can ask our technician for an Amarr Super Lube spray free of charge! Lubrication can help prevent or lessen natural wear and tear, so do it every few months.

Clean and paint your garage door

Although it may seem obvious, you should always check to see if the paint you use is designed with the type of garage door you use. Cleaning it from time to time is advisable, as sanitation is always important to remember! If a coat of paint is falling off, you can always maintain it with a new coat of paint.

Testing the Balance of the Door

Now and then, you should check out the balance of your garage door. You can start by closing the garage door, disconnect the opener, pull the emergency release down, and lift the garage door up. If something feels wrong during this, you may have an issue worth calling a garage door repair company.

Read the Owner’s manual

Whenever you need to handle self-maintenance, you should always read the instruction manual. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as you might miss an essential tip by ignoring the manual. An owner’s manual is especially useful when you lack experience in maintenance, as the book usually streamlines the process in an easy-to-understand way. When in doubt, check the instruction manual!


Sometimes an unexpected accident occurs that can ruin your garage door. Nobody likes it, but somebody has to pay for it. Fortunately for you, warranties are a highly convenient service offered by the three big manufacturers of garage door parts. Just be advised that if your garage door problem is within a year of installation, the responsibility is on the installer. Otherwise, it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to offer a warranty (which varies based on brand and model). Several problems can arise with your garage door, such as paint pealing off and rust on the doors. Whether you have a problem with your Amarr garage door, your Clopay garage door, or your Wayne Dalton garage door, there’s a warranty!

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