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March 30, 2022

How To Set Up Garage Door Opener In Car

Garage door openers are accessible by a lot of devices. The most common and visible device is a handheld remote control that you can loop around a keychain. It would help if you linked as many devices as possible to open or close the garage door. In this way, you’re not limited to one control unit that can open the garage entry efficiently. One way to access the garage efficiently is via a car panel remote control built inside the car.

A car panel remote control is a garage door opener remote inside the car. Unlike the usual remote-control handheld, you can push the buttons integrated into the car itself. Essentially, the vehicle is like another remote-control device operating the garage. The car panel remote control is essentially the easiest way to open or close the door when you’re driving. Let this guide assist you with setting up the opener for your car.

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Steps in Setting Up Garage Door Opener

There are so many brands of garage door openers that come with their respective control devices. Popular brands that offer these product lines include Chamberlain garage door opener, LiftMaster garage door opener, and Craftsman garage door opener. Take these general steps to set up the car panel remote inside the car interior.

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Step 1: Inspect the Garage Door Opener Inside the Garage

Inspect the motor of the garage door opener to see some buttons on the board. The opener has a lot of functions and connecting ports to integrate with the system. Use a ladder to carefully climb up to the garage door opener. Scan for the smart button responsible for the reset and program functions.

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Step 2: Locate the Smart Button for a Reset

Locate the smart button that functions for the reset and programming of the garage door opener remote control. The label of the button is usually the “LEARN” button. However, other brands of garage door openers may have it as the “SMART” button or “HOME” button.

The buttons can also appear in different colors depending on the brand of the garage door opener. If you’re not very sure about the button significations, always refer to the model’s instruction manual. All packages include a guide and the warranty of the opener.

Many brands include a user guide on the parts of the garage door opener. Refer to the Chamberlain garage door opener programming if you have a Chamberlain opener. On the other hand, if you have a LiftMaster, then refer to the LiftMaster garage door opener programming.

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Step 3: Press the Smart Button

It’s best to get additional support and help when you set up the garage door opener inside the car. Let one person press the opener inside the garage; let another person handle the built-in car panel remote inside the vehicle.

Press the smart button on the garage door opener. Note that you shouldn’t do this for too long as you may end up resetting the opener. Since you’re only going to set up the car panel remote control, the opener should only link the device. Resetting means you’ll need to re-link ALL other remote-control devices as well.

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Step 4: Link the Car Panel Remote Control

Once you press the button on the garage door opener, it’s time to press the button on the panel itself. Many car brands display the remote panel differently. Find the “PROGRAM” button on the car panel remote control for the opener. The button may not be labelled as “PROGRAM,” so you need to look for other similar designations. Wait for a flash from the LED indicator or a sound alert for the connection of both devices.

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Step 5: Program the Car Panel Remote Control

Like the other remote-control devices, the car panel remote control also has functions. Program the functions and your preferences accordingly. To further customize the control panel, you may need to refer to the manual guide of the car model itself.
It’s also possible to program or set up the car panel remote control with the handheld remote control. After pressing the smart button on the garage door opener motor:

  • Take the remote control.
  • Press the function you want to program on the handheld remote and press the same button on the panel simultaneously.
  • Do the same for all the other buttons on the car panel remote control.
Test both control devices: remote control handheld and car panel remote control. Both should work accordingly to open and close the garage.
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Make an Appointment with your Nearest Garage Door Company to Set Up the Garage Door Opener

Sometimes, it’s necessary to seek expertise and assistance for the task. Some businesses focus on giving garage door repair services and remote-control programming services. If there is apparent damage in the opener, it’s best to deal with it first. Book for garage door opener repair.

There are many brands of openers and cars on the market. All of which will have different functions and usability. If you want to link all control devices properly, contact professional garage door repair service.