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garage door wifi opener remote
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June 22, 2023

How to Release and Reset the Emergency Pull Cord on a Garage Door

Eventually, you will need to manually operate your garage door due to failure of parts, garage door remote not working, or power outage. In times like this, you need to know that there’s a solution to it – using a garage door pull cord.

A garage door pull cord is used during emergencies when you need to access your garage door. Once you pull it down, the trolley disengages from the carriage assembly, which allows the door to slide up and down. In this way, you can move your garage door without the presence of an overhead garage door opener

After releasing the emergency pull cord, you need to re-engage it back again if you want to use your garage door automatically. 

Read the step-by-step process below if you’re curious about how to release and reset an emergency pull cord. 

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Safety Tips for Using the Emergency Pull Cord

If your garage door has a garage door emergency release kit, it usually comes with a lock and a cord. This cord is what you need to pull down. Fortunately, it’s easy to reach it if you’re tall. Otherwise, you would need a stool to reach the cord.
Before you try to pull the cord, consider the tips below for a safe and smooth process:

Disengage the overhead garage door opener from the power source even during a power outage. This will make the process of releasing the cord safer. 

Don’t pull the emergency release cord when the garage door is open. The reason is it could crash down, especially if the springs are broken. 

All automatic garage doors have a garage door emergency release lock located beside them. Ensure that it is in place to protect your home during power outages. 

Most often, garage doors that are difficult to operate mean a deeper problem. Make sure to inspect the parts for signs of damage. If you spot damage, contact a professional to fix the issue. 

Your Guide on How to Release an Emergency Pull Cord

After considering the safety tips above, you can now release the emergency pull cord. To do it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Close the Garage Door

As mentioned, it’s essential to close the garage door to prevent any injury when working with the release cord. In this way, you’ll be protecting yourself from harm. If the garage door is not closing, seek help from a professional. Damaged parts might be causing the door to behave this way. 

Step 2: Pull Down the Release Cord

The release cord can be seen hanging from the wall, near the opener and the trolley. Once you pull it down, the trolley disengages from the carriage assembly. When this happens, the garage door will be able to slide up and down. Make sure to pull down the cord just enough when you notice the garage door moves. 

Step 3: Manually Open and Close the Garage Door

Of course, once you release the cord, it’s recommended to test the manual operation.
Do it several times so you can identify if the garage door is working correctly in manual mode.

Your Guide on How to Reset an Emergency Pull Cord

Once the power comes back, it’s time to use the garage door in the automatic setting. After releasing the cord, don’t forget to re-engage it back to the trolley. To perform this task, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Secure the Door in the Down Position

It’s crucial to close your garage door when resetting the cord back to its place. In this way, you won’t allow any failures in performing this task. 

Step 2: Reactivate the Garage Door Opener

Assuming you have unplugged the garage door opener, plug it back again into the outlet to make it possible to use the garage door automatically. 

Step 3: Use the Garage Door Opener Remote

Use the opener remote to activate your garage door opener. In this way, the garage door opener will reconnect on its own. 

Step 4: Reconnect the Trolley

This process involves two steps. First, you need to pull the release cord towards the garage door and away from the trolley. Doing this method will help compress the lever.
After you pull down the release cord, slide the garage door, so the trolley reconnects itself to the opener carriage. When this happens, you have now successfully re-engaged the opener mechanism. You can also do this by pushing the button in the opener.

Step 5: Open and Close the Garage Door

You can now use your garage door again once the power is back. However, if you’re not dealing with any power outages, resetting won’t do the work. You will need a technician’s expertise to address the problem with your garage door. 

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The Bottomline

Now that you know how to manually open garage doors, it’s time to do it yourself. Follow the steps above, especially the safety tips, to keep you guided and safe. 

However, if you don’t find it comfortable to do the job on your own, hire a professional garage door technician in your local area.