Grage Door Cable Repair


Grage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are an intrinsic part of the smooth and safe operation of your garage door. It helps bear the weight of your garage door when lifting and lowering it. When the cable breaks or malfunctions, all the garage door activity is put on hold.

An improperly working cable likely means that wear and tear, rust, or jams have taken over. Most likely, you are going to need a garage door cable repair or replacement. However, broken garage door cables can easily be fixed with a quick call to Wheaton Garage Door Repair.


What Are the Garage Door Cables Used For?

There are multiple types of cables used in a garage door. They all work together to establish a garage door that opens safely and correctly. The cables attach to garage door springs to maintain the heavy weight of the door. For this, the cables bear a lot of pressure and carry a lot of tension. Therefore, when there is a break or malfunction, it is essential to call a garage door expert at Wheaton Garage.

Garage Door Cable Issues

There are several causes that your garage door cables would not be working correctly. However, leaving them in poor conditions can create severe safety issues in your garage. For this, you should call a professional technician at Wheaton Garage Door Repair if you find your cables in any of the following conditions:

Old and Weakened from Everyday Use

Broken garage door cables often snap or fray because they wear out. Since the cables are crucial for the opening and closing movements of your door, they are in constant use. It is typical for cables to wear out eventually.

Rust on Metal Cables

If you are the owner of anything metal, rust is your worst enemy. It is common for metal cables to accumulate rust over the years. This can deteriorate the cables’ quality, eventually leading to snaps and breaks.

Jammed Cables

Use over time can also lead to frustrating jams and frays that get in the way of a smooth garage door movement. If you have a tough time opening the garage door due to a cable jam, call us at Wheaton for fantastically affordable repairs.

Why Choose Wheaton Garage Door Repair

Wheaton Garage Door Repair has operated for years, providing expert service that specializes in garage doors. With only one focus- garage door repairs and installations- you can trust the services we cater to the community.

Our level of expertise is not shown solely through our years of work in the industry, but also through our team’s certifications and licenses. All our professional technicians are certified to make the necessary repairs and replacements for your garage door cables.

Since the garage door cables are so crucial, we try to be as accessible as possible. All our garage door repair operations are available seven days a week, including same-day service. When your cables need immediate attention, you can count on us.

To tie up our bundle of expert service and flexible availability, we always offer affordable prices. Fixing up your garage door should never be a financially stressful event. Life happens, so we come to get things back to normal.